Document Collection Terms and Conditions for Before Holiday Online Travel Agency

  • Service Overview:
  1. Before Holiday Online Travel Agency (referred to as “Before Holiday” or “the Agency”) provides document collection services to assist individuals in preparing and submitting visa applications or related travel documents.
  • Application Process:
  1. Clients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information and documents required for their visa application.
  2. Before Holiday will review the provided documents and inform clients of any missing or incorrect information.
  • Document Handling:
  1. Before Holiday will handle the submitted documents with care and confidentiality, following industry-standard security protocols.
  • Document Verification:
  1. Clients understand that Before Holiday will verify the authenticity and completeness of the documents but does not guarantee visa approval, as the final decision rests with the respective consular or embassy authorities.
  • Fees and Payment:
  1. Clients agree to pay the specified service fees for document collection, processing, and submission.
  2. All fees are non-refundable, even in cases of visa rejection.
  • Document Submission:
  1. Before Holiday will submit the collected documents to the relevant consular or embassy authorities on behalf of the client.
  2. Clients acknowledge that processing times may vary and are not under the control of Before Holiday.
  • Visa Approval:
  1. Before Holiday is not responsible for the visa application’s approval or denial, and clients acknowledge that the decision is at the sole discretion of the consular or embassy authorities.
  • Document Return:
  1. Before Holiday will return original documents to the client upon request once the visa application process is complete.
  • Client Responsibilities:
  1. Clients are responsible for complying with all visa requirements, including attending interviews or medical examinations, if necessary.
  2. Clients must provide accurate and truthful information to Before Holiday.
  • Privacy and Data Protection:
    1. Before Holiday will handle personal information in accordance with its privacy policy and applicable data protection laws.
  • Cancellation or Changes:
    1. Clients must inform Before Holiday promptly of any changes to their travel plans or visa application details.
    2. Cancellation of services may be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Liability:
    1. Before Holiday is not liable for any losses, damages, or expenses incurred by clients due to visa denial or delays.
  • Governing Law:
    1. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of India, and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi.

Clients should read and agree to these terms and conditions before using Before Holiday Online Travel Agency’s document collection services for visa applications. These terms help protect both Before Holiday and your clients by clearly outlining responsibilities and expectations during the visa application process.